Crocotile 3D v2.2.2

v.2.2.2 (September 13, 2023)

  • Added: "Show/Hide All Bones" keybinding and option in Scene dropdown menu. To add binding go to Edit > Buttons > General > Hide/Show All Bones. Nested instances that are children of bones will still render.
  • Added: A setting to control whether the alpha value gets sampled when eyedropping colors from the tileset. This can be toggled in the Edit > Settings > Tileset section, or by selecting the Eyedropper tool and clicking the corresponding button at the top of the Painting panel.
  • Added: Keybinding and context-menu option for automatically checkmarking objects in the export objects panel that are currently selected. Go to Edit > Buttons > General > Export Selected Objects, to set a keybinding, or right-click a selected object in the 3d scene and choose Export Selected Objects.
  • Improved: Some inputs in Transform panel wouldn't apply if left blank. They now get set to 0 when the input box loses focus.
  • Improved: Removed the darkening effect behind light properties panel so that changes to the light can be seen clearly.
  • Fixed: Setting the Primitive brush to a Cylinder shape with a Y size of 0 would cause errors and prevent placing them into the scene.
  • Fixed: Loading color palettes would sometimes fail due to not correctly parsing the data.
  • Fixed: Importing .obj models would fail to load textures if the mtl file was named differently from the obj.
  • Fixed: Importing some .obj models with quads would fail to detect quads due to parsing the paths incorrectly.
  • Fixed: If Toggle Camera mode was enabled, keybindings "cardinal rotate left/right/etc" didn't work.
  • Fixed: Invalid filename characters such as / in object names would cause issues when exporting. These will be replaced with _ characters.

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