A downloadable software for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Crocotile 3D is a tool for creating 3d scenes with tiles. Think of it as creating 2d tilemaps with three dimensions.

Saving (over 100 tiles) and exporting is deactivated. To activate these, register a keycode at Crocotile3D.com

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v.1.6.3 (April 7, 2021)

  • Added: Prioritize Gizmo option in the Settings > Edit. Sometimes the mouse may hover over a vertex and the Gizmo simultaneously. This option controls whether the Gizmo gets priority or the vertices gets priority when clicking.
  • Changed: Vertices won't become highlighted if Gizmo if hovered (if Gizmo has priority).
  • Changed: Exiting the program via shortcut key is now Alt+F4 instead of Esc.
  • Changed: Esc key will now close open panels.
  • Changed: Tab key will now work regardless of which area is focused (3d scene or side-panel).
  • Fixed: Rotations of objects using the Gizmo would not save correctly, and would also revert when using Transform tab. 
  • Fixed: Lock icons would display incorrectly on the export panel when exporting.
  • Fixed: Face selection color would revert to red when toggling off Active Edit Mode regardless of the face selection color setting.
  • Fixed: After rendering a Camera the background color settings would be overwritten.
  • Fixed: Gizmo will now move when pressing WASD keys (not when holding Shift).

v.1.6.2 (March 29, 2021)

  • Added: New 3d Gizmo! If Gizmo is enabled, it will appear when selecting vertices/faces/instances. (X to toggle on/off, Shift+X to toggle mode).
  • Added: Hotkey to snap Gizmo to nearest vertex mouse is hovering over (Alt+X).
  • Added: Hotkey to snap Gizmo to center of selection (Shift+Alt+X).
  • Added: Hotkey to move Gizmo without moving the selection (Shift).
  • Added: Hotkey to transform the Crosshair via the Gizmo (Alt). This allows you to quickly rotate or translate the Crosshair with the mouse.
  • Added: Rotate Interval input on the Tileset tab. This value controls the degree interval for the Gizmo when rotating.
  • Added: New hotkey to round vertices to the nearest pixel! Press O, or open the context-menu in Edit mode and select Vertices > Align vertices to the nearest pixel.
  • Added: Crosshair orientation inputs in the Transform tab! Use these to rotate and tilt the crosshair.
  • Added: Gizmo checkbox in the Transform tab to apply transformations relative to the Gizmo.
  • Added: Double-sided mode button on the Tileset tab. This will also serve as a visual indicator for the currently selected Tileset.
  • Added: Double-sided textures now save their setting in the project file.
  • Added: Color setting for Selected Faces in the settings. Go to Settings > Edit to change the color of selected faces.
  • Added: Ability to lock Objects/Cameras/Layers in the Scene tab! Locked items cannot be removed or edited. Everything within a locked Layer is also locked!
  • Changed: Round vertices to grid now uses Ctrl+O.
  • Changed: Snap crosshair to the grid now uses Alt+O to snap it to the grid. 
  • Changed: Enter key now also works in Draw mode for entering/exiting Object Edit Mode.
  • Fixed: When exporting .gltf/.glb files with Vertex Normals set to Flat, the normals would be incorrect.
  • Fixed?: When pressing multiple keys on international keyboards, the generated charcodes would cause the key bindings to stop working.
  • Fixed: Undoing edits to a prefab object with Mirrored settings would cause errors if not in Object Edit Mode.
  • Fixed: Dragging items in the Scene tab would prevent undos/redos until user clicks again.

View more in the Changelog

Install instructions

Unzip to a folder:
Windows:  run crocotile3d.exe to start the application.
Linux: using Terminal go to folder and type "./crocotile3d" to run.
Mac: run Crocotile.app to start the program. (You may need to place into Application folder to get settings to save. If this is the case, Crocotile.app shouldn't be inside any folder when moved there!)

Be sure to read the Howto, to learn all about what you can do! 
Join the Discord server to get help from other Crocotile users!
Watch Youtube videos demonstrating Crocotile 3D!
Consider supporting via Patreon!


Crocotile3D_v1.6.3_macOS.zip 128 MB
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Crocotile3D_v1.6.3_linux32.tar.gz 110 MB
Crocotile3D_v1.6.3_ia32.zip 111 MB
Crocotile3D_v1.6.3_x64.zip 115 MB