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Crocotile 3D is a tool for creating 3d scenes with tiles. Think of it as creating 2d tilemaps with three dimensions.

Saving (over 100 tiles) and exporting is deactivated. To activate these, register a keycode at Crocotile3D.com

Jan 15, 2019: I've uploaded new linux versions. Some people couldn't run the previous versions. These new versions should work.


v.1.2.9b (July 4, 2019)

  • Changed: context menu displayed the wrong key modifier for reversing faces and flipping face edges.
  • Fixed: Made a change to how the camera controls work to fix a bug that would cause the camera to snap back to a previous location or angle.
  • Changed: Updated nw.js to a new version. This may prevent newer versions from running on older operating systems such as Vista. 


  • Added: new Object Mode Constraint option in the settings. When editing an instance of an object, this will prevent selecting/editing of tiles that are not part of the object.
  • Changed: The Active selection key binding is now Shift+Enter. There is also a new key binding for the Object Edit mode (Enter). When you select an object instance, you can now simply press Enter to begin editing the object, or Enter to stop editing the object. You may also have to delete your keyconfig.ini file to prevent your old key bindings carrying over to the new version.
  • Fixed: It would not select tiles, vertices, objects that were positioned behind invisible objects.
  • Fixed: Deleting several hundred tiles at once would freeze the application for a while.
  • Fixed: Due to a nw.js bug, the Debug.log file would grow in size everytime the application is closed- Implemented workaround that removes file when starting app.
  • Changed: Importing prefab objects will now use the filename as their default name instead of a random number.
  • Fixed: Exporting the scene wouldn't work when using only imported prefabs in the scene.
  • Fixed: Importing a file that isn't an image for a tileset would break various tileset functionality. Files are now validated to check that they are images.
  • Fixed: Clicking off the input boxes in the sub-divide dialog would prevent refocusing the input boxes.
  • Fixed: Key bindings should now be disabled during some dialog boxes to prevent key issues.
  • Added: Eye icons for objects and layers in the Scene window. These can be clicked to hide/show objects.
  • Changed: Context menu will disable menu items for actions that are currently inaccessible. For instance, if no tiles are selected then the Faces menu item will be disabled.
  • Fixed: Centering camera now includes selected objects/instances.
  • Added: Objects now become highlighted in Scene tab when an Instance is being edited.


  • Added: New crocotile themed Viewcube for rotating/panning/zooming the scene. Click and drag the crocotile to rotate/pan/zoom. It can also be positioned by dragging the small white transparent circle. Also can hide/show it by right clicking the circle.
  • Added: New tile swapping feature. You can swap tiles by selecting tiles in the tileset window and then right-click and dragging them to the desired location. UVs of tiles in the 3d scene will get updated to the new UV locations if their UVs were inside the tile area you are repositioning.
  • Added: New UV Padding input boxes in the Tileset window. When you select from the tiles the corresponding UVs that get generated will be padded inwards by the amount set in the input boxes (x,y). This may be useful to prevent pixels bleeding across the edges of tiles.
  • Added: Tileset window now has a dropdown list for tilesets. This will allow you to pick your tilesets without having to cycle through them.
  • Added: Shortcut keys for cycling through Tilesets (ctrl+[ , ctrl+])
  • Added: Middle mouse button for toggling Active Selection mode.
  • Added: Mouselocking while rotating/panning/zooming.
  • Fix: Copying a tile's UVs to the brush (alt+rightclick in 3d scene in draw mode) would trigger a keyup for the modifier keys. This would potentially cause it to erase tiles instead of copying UVs.
  • Fix: Dragging onto tileset canvas would inadvertently select tiles.


  • Fix: Exporting wasn't working. The updated version of nwjs that crocotile3d uses in v1.2.7 has a bug, but a workaround has been implemented now to solve the problems when exporting.


  • Change: nwjs version has been updated to improve compatibility on newer operating systems. Please report if you experience issues running the program.
  • Fix: alt-tabbing would cause keys to stop triggering due to window losing focus while keys are down. This has been fixed.
  • Fix: notifications for new versions of the program weren't working correctly due to caching.
  • Fix: Toggling double-sided mode wouldn't work for tiles that were deconstructed from an object.
  • Fix: Clicking Crosshair Arrows without dragging them after dragging once would add the drag again to the undo stack causing undo to be inaccurate.
  • Fix: Tileset window not being displayed under other windows.
  • Change: Tileset window shouldn't display in taskbar unless minimized.
  • Added: Rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise now accessible via context menu (right-clicking 3d view while in Edit mode).
  • Added: A shortcut key for toggling crosshair arrows (the X key).

Change: Unregistered users can now save if the scene has 100 tiles or less (including tiles in objects). This will allow users to test the program more freely before registering.
Added: Tile spacing texture option on export.
Added: Power of two texture option on export.
Added: Tile count info at bottom of scene window.
Added: Export multiple objects (objects listed in the scene tab). To export, go to File > Export Objects.
Fix: brush/eraser tool not drawing with single clicks is now fixed.


Fixed: Zooming in and out could cause the panning to move too slow or stop completely.
Added: Ctrl+A will now select all faces in the scene if no faces or verts are selected.
Added: Ctrl+shift+A,D to select/deselect all object instances in the scene.
Changed: Pressing delete key will now also delete any object instances that are selected.
Added: If a new version is available, it will notify you when you start the program.

Fixed: Exporting a scene that consists only of objects would misplace the first tile of the first object.

Fixed: Adjusting UVs in Active Edit mode would adjust UVs of unselected faces if their verts were selected.
Added: Merge vertices option on export.
Added: Save/Save As in File menu (moved other buttons into menu as well); File path is now stored so it will save to current document when saving, or open save as dialog box if you choose the Save As menu item.
Added: Save As key binding; ctrl+shift+s
Added: When saving, it will show brief message when save is successful. That way if you press ctrl+s to save, you will know if it has saved.
Fixed: Saving/Loading/Exporting now remembers the current directory.
Fixed: Exporting scene to .obj would fail if consisted of only instances of objects.
Change: Exported scenes with many objects will include each object as a separate group in the .obj file. This is useful if you are importing the .obj into another program and need to keep everything separated.
Added: New export option for .MTL files. This will allow you to import .obj files into other programs and have all the textures applied correctly. This will export every texture too, and the .mtl file will reference these.

Fixed: Program would become unresponsive and crash when quitting if new scene was created previously.
Fixed: Selecting vertices with the marquee would sometimes not work.
Fixed: Moving tiles that are a part of an object at the same time with tiles that are not a part of an object would move them in different directions.
Added: Crosshair arrows can now move Objects.
Added: Textures can now be double-sided by pressing number 9 on keyboard. This toggles double-sided mode on/off for the currently selected tileset. This is more of a temporary solution for those requesting the feature.

Fixed: Mouse wheel wasn't working for zooming.
Fixed: Resizing tileset would mess up UVs for objects.
Fixed: Object points would appear larger when using a lower resolution.
Added: Options to select/deselect all objects in the scene regardless of type. Accessed in the context-menu by right-clicking the 3d scene.

Added: New keybinding system. Read help file for more information and also be sure to report any bugs or issues if you find any.
Added: Ability to rotate selection clockwise/counter-clockwise when holding Shift key and pressing Q,E.
Added: Hold space in tileset tab now allows panning of the tileset if zoomed in.
Added. Option to move crosshair to an object's origin point found in an object's menu when right-clicking an instance.
Added: Rename object points except for the origin.
Added: Subdivide tiles into columns and rows.
Added: Pixel resolution and window size can be configured in the settings.
Fixed: Sometimes applying a UV to an existing tile or copying the UV from a tile would accidentally draw or erase tiles if the mouse was dragged in the process.
Fixed: Moving the origin point of a prefab object would cause issues when rotating tiles immediately afterwards.
Added: Experimental normal map and height map image generation of prefab objects, accessed by right-clicking objects in the Scene tab.

Fixed: Scenes would fail to load prefab objects if the scene had no single tiles placed. This would prevent the scene from loading everything.

Added: Objects/prefabs can be constructed from tiles in the scene. This allows a greater control over how you can build your scene/model. You can edit one instance and see those changes occur in every other instance of the object. See the documentation for a full list of features related to Objects/prefabs, and to understand how to use them.
Added: Layers have been added as a way to organize your objects. These can be added/removed in the Scene tab of the tileset window, and objects listed can be dragged into them. You can show/hide a layer, effectively hiding/showing the objects within them as well.
Added: Combine Tilesets option in the tileset menu. Allows combining duplicate images.
Added: Skybox images are now saved and loaded with projects.
Added: Hide/show Skybox setting now gets saved in the configuration.
Fixed: Paint bucket tool would not handle contiguous mode around edge of a selection.
Fixed: Redoing the Removal of a tileset now doesn't clear the redo states.
Fixed: Issue related to undoing/redoing the loading of a tileset and copy/pasting tiles that use that tileset is now fixed.

Added: Paint tab with full set of paint tools for editing tilesets. Check documentation for details on how to use these new features.
Added: Documentation howto.html file
Change: version number to 1.1.0 due to the significant additions.
Fix: Tile uvs wouldn't be updated in tileset window when tileset was resized, or when resize was undone/redone.
Fix: Selecting a face wouldn't register if the mouse was hovering over a hidden vertex.
Fix: Hidden vertices could be dragged accidentally.
Change: Tileset images have their modified time cached. When refreshing, it checks if file has been modified after the cached time.
Added: Auto-refresh Tilesets option in the settings. Tilesets will refresh every couple of minutes if changes have been made to the image files outside of Crocotile 3d.

View more in the Changelog

Install instructions

Unzip to a folder, and run crocotile3d.exe to start the application.


Crocotile3D_v1.2.9.zip 44 MB
Crocotile3D_v1.2.9b.zip 90 MB
crocotile_1.2.9_linux32_NEW.tar.gz 91 MB
crocotile_1.2.9_linux64_NEW.tar.gz 88 MB
Crocotile3D_v1.2.9_osx.zip 48 MB