Crocotile 3D v2.1.8

v.2.1.8 (August 2, 2023)

  • Added: Randomization section to the Transform panel. Vertex positions can have a random x,y,z translation applied. Objects can also have their rotation and scale randomized. Check the documentation and video demonstration for more details.
  • Added: When scaling in two axis via the gizmo, holding Shift will keep it proportional. The keybinding can be changed in Edit > Buttons > Edit Mode > Gizmo Keep Proportional.
  • Added: 'Overlapped Vertex Selection' option in Edit > Settings > Edit Mode. This option allows vertices, considered to be hidden from the camera, to be selected/deselected if they share a position with a vertex that is visible. This option requires extra processing.
  • Added: 'Triangle Merge (safe/forced)' bindable keys and pinnable buttons. Edit > Buttons > Edit Mode > Triangle Merge.
  • Added: 'Select Triangular Tiles' bindable key and pinnable button. Edit > Buttons > Edit Mode > Select Triangular Tiles.
  • Added: 'Add to Scene' keybinding and pinnable buttons to the Edit > Buttons > Edit Mode > Add to Scene.
  • Improved: When adding frames to UV animations, the new frames will be centered in the viewport (and rounded to the nearest tilespace). The same will occur when adding new UV animations, the default frame will be centered in the viewport.
  • Fixed: Instances added to the scene via the "Add to Scene" action will align with the Tilt of the 3d crosshair if it is tilted.
  • Fixed: "Orient Prefab Brush to Camera" option in Settings > Draw Mode, will not also apply to Primitive Brush.
  • Fixed: Couldn't set keybinding for selecting the Primitive tool.
  • Fixed: Ctrl+A wouldn't select all in the inputs of Transform panel.
  • Fixed: If the default UV Animation used by an 8 direction Object is removed, the viewport would freeze until that operation was undone or the Object is removed.
  • Fixed: When exporting, sometimes UVs would become messed up if the tileset was very large or if there were collapsed triangles along edges of tiles when using the Spacing parameter.

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Super excited to try out the demo. Also, is it possible to use non-pixelated tile sets with CrocoTile? I still plan to give it a try either way. The animation feature has me really excited.

That's great to hear! Yeah, you can use other styles for your tilesets if you want.