Crocotile 3D v2.1.7

v.2.1.7 (July 14, 2023)

  • Added: 8 Direction feature for billboard sprites! Enable in the Object's properties panel within the Billboard section. You can also choose which directions to enable/disable. Simply add the corresponding suffix to your UV Animations. For more information check the documentation and the youtube video.
  • Fixed: Importing prefabs wouldn't take into account the base unit pixel size.
  • Fixed: The Export Scale value wasn't being applied to animated position data.
  • Fixed: Loading scenes that have a grid rounding value stored might result with an incorrect grid rounding value when loaded from a new scene (after opening crocotile). This should be fixed now?
  • Fixed: When scaling objects or bones to 0, it would cause issues such as objects/skinned vertices disappearing, as well as being unselectable or unscalable.
  • Fixed: Scaling from 0 with the Gizmo wouldn't work.

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Hey man, Windows Defender suddenly started marking every single version of Crocotile3D as a trojan.

(3 edits)

Crocotile uses nw.js , and it seems like there is a problem with Windows Defender incorrectly diagnosing apps that use nw.js. A lot of programs use nw.js so maybe some other programs are influencing how windows defender judges any app that uses nw.js
Here is a post on the nw.js website that reports the issue:
I've also tried to contact microsoft about it. Hopefully they can fix the issue with windows defender.