Crocotile 3D v2.1.2

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v.2.1.2 (April 28, 2023)

  • Added: "Clone Light(s)" action to the context-menu when right-clicking any selected lights in the 3d scene.
  • Added: "Clone Light" action to the context-menu when right-clicking lights that are listed in the Scene panel.
  • Added: "Select","Deselect" actions to the context-menus when right-clicking lights & cameras that are listed in the Scene panel.
  • Added: All color pickers now have an accompanying input box for hex values, allowing copy/pasting of color values.
  • Added: "Export Skybox" option is now available by going to Edit > Skybox > Export Skybox.
  • Added: "Export Lights" option is available when exporting scenes ("Use single mesh" option must be disabled).
  • Improved: Exported gltf,glb,dae files will now have their material names set to their corresponding tileset name.
  • Changed: Removed some unnecessary menu items on the Mac version.
  • Fixed: After using "Switch to this camera" in Scene panel, errors would occur when selecting stuff in the 3d scene.
  • Fixed: Redoing the creation of a Bone would cause an error and fail to update the Instance list.
  • Fixed: Undoing/Redoing the reparenting of an entity in the Instance list wouldn't update the list.
  • Fixed: Loading invalid c3dpal files wouldn't display an error message, and it would clear the current palette.
  • Fixed: If lights/cameras were pinned they wouldn't stay pinned after saving/loading.

Files 120 MB
Apr 28, 2023
Crocotile3D_v2.1.2_linux32.tar.gz 168 MB
Apr 28, 2023
Crocotile3D_v2.1.2_linux64.tar.gz 155 MB
Apr 28, 2023 138 MB
Apr 28, 2023 144 MB
Apr 28, 2023

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