Crocotile 3D v2.0.8

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v.2.0.8 (February 14, 2023)

  • Added: Unwrap UVs feature! You can now unwrap selected uvs in the UVs panel. Select the uvs and press U, or right-click and go to Transform > Unwrap. Any selected edges in the 3d view will act as seams (prevents two tiles from connecting), allowing you to control the way it unwraps.
  • Added: Snap UVs together edge to edge simply by clicking and dragging them, then holding Shift key while hovering over other UVs.
  • Added: Double-click UVs to select/deselect an entire group of connected UVs.
  • Added: "Deselect all UVs with single-click" option in the Edit > Settings > Tileset..
  • Added: "Select/deselect within Face Normal range" actions. Tile's face normals must be within a certain angle threshold of each other (uses the Rotation Interval value). You can right-click and goto Faces > Select/deselect > Select/deselect within Face Normal range, or bind keys for the actions in the Buttons panel.
  • Improved: Undo/redo states for UV edits have been improved.
  • Fixed: Doing "Save as" quickly to queue multiple file dialogs would crash the program if you then pressed the Cancel button.
  • Fixed: Camera Fov value is now limited to 1-179 degrees instead of 360. Going beyond 179 caused the view to become weird.
  • Fixed: Selected objects and tiles were shown as selected in rendered movies. Now it should automatically deselect them before rendering.
  • Fixed: "Select/deselect faces facing camera" actions weren't bindable.
  • Fixed: Activating via key was treating the email address as case-sensitive which would cause failure to activate. Now it is case-insensitive.

Files 119 MB
Feb 14, 2023
Crocotile3D_v2.0.8_linux32.tar.gz 160 MB
Feb 14, 2023
Crocotile3D_v2.0.8_linux64.tar.gz 153 MB
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Feb 14, 2023 143 MB
Feb 14, 2023

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