Crocotile 3D v1.9.9

v.1.9.9 (September 23, 2022)

  • Added: Bones and Skinned Objects! You can now attach bones to a skinned object and have vertices bend and morph. Check the Skinning section of the documentation for more information.
  • Added: Ability to paint directly on tiles in the 3d scene. Select the Pencil tool while in Draw mode by clicking the icon to the left of the 3d view, or press Alt+1.
  • Added: Look At Crosshair action for selected entities and instances. Press the L key to point the selected instances or entities towards the Crosshair. You can change the keybinding by going to Edit > Buttons > Edit Mode > Look At Crosshair.
  • Added: Autosaves/Backups are now listed in the Load Recent Scene menu.
  • Added: Mouse coordinate and selection dimensions are now displayed at the top of the Tileset panel.
  • Fixed: Crocotile would become unresponsive on Linux Ubuntu 22.04 when loading a file.
  • Fixed: The "Delete Object/Instances" option in the Scene panel wouldn't reparent any nested instances, causing them to disappear in the scene and create errors.
  • Fixed: Undoing the "Delete Object/Instances" action would place object at end of list/folder. 
  • Fixed: The Edit > Settings > Tilesets > "Drag Multiple UVs" option wouldn't save.
  • Fixed: Backups may not have saved light entities.
  • Fixed: Clicking on selection handles in Painting panel would fail in some cases when zoomed in.
  • Fixed: Scaling with the Gizmo while zoomed in would cause scale to have NaN/Infinity values, resulting in potential errors.
  • Fixed: While in Active-Edit mode, couldn't select a nearest vertex (while holding ctrl), or select edges.
  • Fixed: When exporting, animations wouldn't be scaled when using a scale value other than 1.
  • Fixed: Changing the project's Base Pixel Unit size wouldn't scale any animation positions.
  • Fixed: Undoing/redoing the creation or cloning of an Object wouldn't restore any custom properties if any had been added.
  • Fixed: Importing files with # character in filename would fail to import.
  • Fixed: Clicking on vertices of tiles facing away would fail when "camera-based selection" was off and "deselect when clicking nothing" was enabled.
  • Fixed: .c3dp files would include all textures in the project even if they weren't used. Now it only exports tilesets that the prefab uses.

Remember to report any bugs you may encounter! 

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I was wondering if there's a control configuration I could make that would allow me to navigate the scene using more traditional controls? (WASD camera movement, right-click-drag to rotate the camera, left-click to select things, etc...) I had a quick look at the Buttons bindings, but it doesn't look like there's enough customization in there for me to fully recreate something that feels natural.

Cheers, and congrats on the update! I love drawing on my tiles directly, tbh!

There are bindings in the Edit > Buttons > Camera, section.. to control how the camera moves. So you should be able to get it similar to other programs. I plan to add an option to toggle between a freelook mode and the normal mode in the future.

Otherwise, the controls are designed to be intuitive, and similar to 2d paint applications. Such as photoshop, where you can hold space bar and click to pan the canvas.

Aha! Okay, thinking about it like a 2D tool rather than a 3D tool I think will help me out a LOT! Thanks for the tip! :)