Crocotile 3D v1.9.4

v.1.9.4 (July 30, 2022)

  • Added: Mouse position in UV panel.
  • Added: Option to view grid in UV panel (click the grid line button at top of panel).
  • Added: The selection dimensions are now displayed in the Painting panel.
  • Added: "Use paint color" option in camera render/spin. The background color will be set as the current color in the Painting panel.
  • Added: Keybinding to move the crosshair to the mouse position (UV panel). Press C key, or change it in Edit > Buttons > UVs > Move Crosshair to Mouse.
  • Changed: Default Keybinding for Centering crosshair to selection in UV panel is now Shift+C. 
  • Fixed: Exporting gltf/dae objects directly from the Scene panel wouldn't work properly due to a regression in the code.
  • Fixed: On Mac, if Meta key is being held down, keyup events for other keys will not fire. To work around this, releasing the Meta key will now release all keys (keys that aren't modifier keys).
  • Fixed: When eyedropping other colors, it wouldn't highlight the corresponding color in the color palette.
  • Fixed: Using an altered display size would cause rendered images to render at an incorrect size.
  • Fixed: Implemented a safeguard for keybindings becoming locked with foreign keyboard layouts. It will clear key data whenever the last modifier key is released.

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Crocotile3D_v1.9.4_arm32.tar.gz 118 MB
Jul 30, 2022 131 MB
Jul 30, 2022
Crocotile3D_v1.9.4_linux32.tar.gz 113 MB
Jul 30, 2022
Crocotile3D_v1.9.4_linux64.tar.gz 108 MB
Jul 30, 2022 113 MB
Jul 30, 2022 117 MB
Jul 30, 2022

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