Crocotile 3D v1.8.4

Hey everyone, if you missed the CrocoJam, you can now go see the results! It was a lot of fun, so if you are interested, there will be another one next month! You can find the CrocoJam submissions here: CrocoJam

v.1.8.4 (April 9, 2022)

  • Added: Background color/Transparency/Skybox options to the Spinning Gif panel.
  • Added: Unbound key bindings for Divide Triangles, Select Edge Loop, Apply Tilebrush UVs to Selected Faces. These bindings can be set in the Edit > Buttons > Edit Mode panel.
  • Fixed: Exporting with UV Animations option enabled would cause issues when exporting formats other than .obj (uvAnimation.txt and textures would fail to export)
  • Fixed: Selection Wand would sometimes select top-left corner pixel, and stop selecting other pixels.
  • Fixed: If an Object had no tiles, it wouldn't load properly when opening the project.
  • Fixed: Lights placed inside collapsed Layers wouldn't appear when Layer is expanded.
  • Fixed: Spinning Gif render wasn't releasing memory.

Remember to report any bugs you may encounter!

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Crocotile3D_v1.8.4_arm32.tar.gz 116 MB
Apr 09, 2022 130 MB
Apr 09, 2022
Crocotile3D_v1.8.4_linux32.tar.gz 112 MB
Apr 09, 2022
Crocotile3D_v1.8.4_linux64.tar.gz 107 MB
Apr 09, 2022 112 MB
Apr 09, 2022 116 MB
Apr 09, 2022

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